Glamours is a specialization of Illusions practiced by Bards, and its practitioners are skilled at weaving powerful illusions that dazzle the mind and senses. This discipline is known for its flashy showmanship, used to conceal its deadly effects. Illusionists who study Glamours are known for their abilities to conjure illusions of others to conceal themselves, as well as create misleading and confusing displays of colour and light.

Ability Name Short Desc.
ColourBurst A burst of prismatic colours confounds enemies.
Glamour Conjure the beautiful appearance of another.
Conceal Rewrite that which pains your sight.
ColourSpray Bursts of rainbow colours conceal deadly powers.
Wall Hide exits with an illusory wall.
Fascination Allure and bedazzle with captivating illusions.
Fireworks A harmless, though powerful, display over an entire area.
Manse Partially create a real mansion for private discussions.
RainbowPattern Weave a swirling pattern of beautiful colours.
Nature Fool even nature in the open air as a rock or a tree.
Flare Dazzling fountains of light will stun the eyes.
Mesmerise Your gentle, soothing visions lull others into slumber.
Statue Cast a glamour over yourself to appear as a statue.
HypnoticPattern Your audience will be unable to tear their eyes away.
LightSpray Reveal those who hide in shadow.
IllusorySelf Conjure a powerful glamour to distract attackers.
ColourMaelstrom All shall know the unrivaled splendour of your glamours.
DeadlyPattern Enemies who watch this pattern will be left defenceless.
Maze Create an illusory maze to banish your enemies.

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