AB Scroll Edit


Syntax:            CAST FREEZE <GROUND|target>

Cast at the ground, you will create a layer of ice to cover the area, causing passersby to slip occasionally. This frost is also powerful enough to put out a wildfire in your location.

When cast at another person, you will first clear off the Fire potion defense if your target has one on, then cause him or her to shiver uncontrollably, before finally freezing them stiff.

When targeted this ability will first strip fire protection, then cause Shivering, and if already chilled cause Frozen.

Notes / Messages Edit

Message (targeted, from victim):

<Person> raises a hand towards you and blasts you with cold, frigid air.

Message (First person, ground):

You raise a hand and blast the ground with frigid air, coating it with slick ice.

When a room is frozen "The ground is slick with ice." appears in the room short desc.

A frozen room causes a chance to slip and fall (causing the target to become Sprawled on movement attempt.

Message for slip:

You slip and fall on the ice as you try to leave.

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