Mastering the environment around you offers a variety of skills to help you survive in the differing surroundings. Skills in this ability range from movement (such as finding sewers or climbing trees) to perceiving the state of the environment around you to useful skills to survive the weather.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Swimming Swim in the beautiful waterways of Lusternia.
Glancing See summarized information about your surroundings.
Surveying Gain information on the characteristics of your location.
Snowballs What's more fun than a snowball fight!
Forecast Check the weather in your location accurately.
Squinting See extended distances in your line of sight.
Secrets Discover hidden exits.
Treading Swim in one place without drowning.
Perceive Perceive magics melded into the local environment.
Scouting Scout for nearby areas.
Flyers Take notice of those in the skies.
Dousing Only you can stop forest fires!
RockClimbing Scale even the most difficult of surfaces.
Windtalk Don't let the wind blow your words away!
Observe Gain information about your extended surroundings.
Sewers Gaining entry to the dark underbelly of the cities.
Chop Chop down the sacred trees of the nature communes.
Fluidswim Swimming with not a care in the world.
Tumbling Tumble past obstructions.
TrueGround Uncover the true environment in unmelded areas.
Mountaineering Scale the sides of steep mountain slopes.
Crashing Crashing past obstructions that block your way.
Stargazing Witness the splendor of the stars.
Climbing Rise up into the trees.
Rooftops Scale up onto rooftops in urban environs.
Diving Dive deep below the waves.
Shaking Shaking a tree to see what falls out.
Clinging Clinging tightly onto a tree.
Weathersight Navigate through even the most horrid weather conditions.
Attunement Attune yourself to your surroundings.

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