The prime skill of all mages is to master the primal elements of earth, wind, fire and water. Once mastery is complete, the goal of every mage is to move on to specialize in the one element associated with their city's nexus of power.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Sense You can sense elementals infused in the ground.
Blast Release a blast of elemental power.
Cleanse Wash yourself squeaky clean.
Scry Locate another player.
Gust Blow someone in a direction with a gust of wind.
Dig Unearth buried treasures and burrowing people.
Levitate Float on a cushion of air.
Stoneskin Protect yourself from physical damage.
Waterbreathe Extract air from water.
Firewall Create a wall of elemental fire.
Geyser Knock someone out of the trees or the sky.
Elementshield Shield yourself from the elements.
Doorblast Blast open jammed doors.
Fog Conjure up obscuring fog.
Magelock Freeze the latch of a door.
Freeze Chill another player.
Trance Channel the power of the Elemental planes.
Icewall Conjure up an obstructing icewall.
Ignite Attack with elemental fire.
Gate Open gates to or from the elemental planes.
Master Move on to a master specialization.

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