Ecology is the specialization of Hunting which is open for druids and commune bards. Those who choose Ecology tap into the essence of animal, plant and minerals. They are also charged with maintaining the balance of nature, protecting its delicate balance. Most notably, ecologists often have an animal familiar that follows them around.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Empathy Empathically communicate with animals.
HillsSmudge Mud slides can be a danger in the hills.
SoftCharm Basic minerals can be used to protect.
WingsFetish Craft a bone fetish and add deadly wings.
BatBane Sounds cause pain to sensitive ears.
Rebirth Give animals new life in a new form.
DesertSmudge Desert sand storms can scour the flesh.
HerbRenewal Even barren locations can be made to flourish.
FetishArmour Make your familiar invincible with your fetish.
FamiliarSmudge Armoured familiars can carry your smudges.
FinsFetish With fins, your bone fetish is even more deadly.
SwampSmudge Beware the quicksand found in swamps.
AnimalGrowth Enlarge animals to be more deadly.
PreciousCharm Add precious metals to your protective charm.
FamiliarSting Poison the bone armour on your familiar.
SwiftFetish Your bone fetish can find its target within line of sight.
ValleySmudge Tornados often form in valleys.
StingerFetish Place a stinger upon your bone fetish.
Unite Travel to your animal familiar where it may be.
SnakeBane Sensitivity to poisons become more pronounced.
HardCharm More protections can be added with the hardest ore.
MountainSmudge Only in mountains is there a danger of avalanches.
FangsFetish Your bone fetish can grow vicious fangs.
SnakeBond Bond with a snake, hiding it in your familiar's armour.
HerbBane Curse a body to violently reject healing herbs.
FamiliarShield Your armoured familiar will attempt to protect you.
Conceal Conceal the movements of your animal familiar.
ForgePath Create the mystic pathways with another forger of paths.
ForestSmudge Sometimes fires are necessary to a forest's health.
BerserkFetish Instill a berserk state within your bone fetish.
FamiliarBerserk Make your familiar berserk for a short period.
Transmigration Prepare a soul for transmigration.

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