Druids are often considered "mages of the forest" for, like mages, they create demesnes over which they have almost complete control. However, instead of using elemental magic, druids use nature magic and, thus, their demesne are great tracts of forests.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Mulch As caretaker of the sacred trees, sacrifices must be made.
Treebourne The canopy is as much your home as anywhere.
Infestation Infest forests with the grace of the dark forest.
Forest Sprout forests in nearly any environment.
Meld Merge your magics with the forest.
Influence Increase your sway over others in your demesne.
Briars Spring up walls of briars.
Dissolve Easily remove an aura of protection around another.
Roots Command the tree roots to attack burrowed enemies.
Centre Move to the centre of your demesne.
SeedCloud Release a cloud of allergenic seeds.
Sapling Populate the forests with thriving trees.
Runes Affix mystical runes upon your totem.
Murder Call down a murder of crows to descend upon your prey.
Spores Hallucinogenic mushroom spores affect the mind.
Monitor Monitor the state of your foe.
Totem Summon your totem animal.
Pollen Irritate the allergies of others.
Treelife Bring combat into the tree tops.
Treebane Throw your tree-climbing foes onto the ground.
Thorns Thorny vines attack your foes.
IntoxicatingFlower Your enemy can't help but follow the smell of this flower.
Spiders Call up millions of poisonous spiders.
Swarm Wasps and bees descend upon your enemies.
Cudgel Summon the ultimate weapon of the druids.
Sap Slow down your opponents with sticky sap.
Wasps "Of all the venomous creatures, so few can fly." - Brennan
Storm Strike down your enemies with lightning strikes.
Thornrend Unleash the power of the vines!
Regrowth Cast the powers of the forests in one spell.
Scarab Plant an egg-laying beetle in the flesh of your victim.
Fury Unleash the god-like power of nature.

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