AB Scroll Edit


Syntax:       FLING DREAMER AT <target>

Applications: 1

The Dreamer tarot will drain your target of ego and mana.

Notes / Message Edit

The initial fling doesn't have an effect but causes dreamer ticks to start in 6 seconds which drain mana and ego every 8 seconds for a total of 5 ticks or 40 seconds.

Message (victim sees):

<Person> deftly flings a Dreamer tarot at you, and the card dissolves into a warm, cloying mist that clouds your mind.

Message (victim sees, tick):

You are suddenly spooked by an image from your dreams and lose some of your attentiveness.

Message (victim sees, diagnose):

haunted by past dreams.

Message (victim sees, effect end):

Your haunts from the dreaming fade away.

Message (caster sees, effet end):

<Person> is no longer haunted from the dreaming.

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