Dramatics is the common skill of the Performance Pool. It is complimentary to the Influence skillset, as some abilities strengthen influence attacks through the performance of certain roles. Dramaticists are also trained to tell stories to the various denizens of the land, increasing their ego. Also, when it comes to debating, no one does it better than dramaticists who can sway debates by taking up different attitudes and confound their opponents through fast talk. The upper levels of Dramatics involve a variety of abilities that can entertain and bemuse audiences.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Performance Let your ego shine through performance.
Bully Behave like a bully to get your way.
FirstGestalt Build a gestalt from ikons to empower you.
Heroics Tell heroic stories to stir the blood.
Lawyerly Win debates by learning the ways of the damned.
DebateHurry Imbue your opponent with the need to rush.
SecondGestalt Further develop your gestalts.
Sycophant Act like a boot-licking sycophant.
Drunkard Guzzle...Guzzle...HiIIiic!
Comedy Make them laugh until it hurts!
Bureaucrat Act like a bureaucratic official who knows it all.
ThirdGestalt Further develop your gestalts.
Saintly Win debates with a saintly demeanor.
DebateCircuitous Confuse your opponent with circuitous logic.
Sober Walk a bit straighter and talk a bit smoother.
Zealotry Overwhelm others with zealotry.
DebateLoophole Confound others by finding loopholes in their arguments.
FourthGestalt Further develop your gestalts.
Impersonate Amaze your friends through your skill of impersonation.
Conquest Regale others with stories of great conquests.
Gorgeous You look gorgeous, dahling! Absolutely fabulous!
Genderbend Make a complete change to fool others of your gender.
Love Love stories that leave eyes wet and a lump in the throat.
FifthGestalt Further develop your gestalts.
Wounded Appear more wounded and hurt than is true.
Histrionics A flair for acting boosts the ego.
Vagabond Shuffle along, no one cares, vagabond.
Success Warm greedy hearts with success stories.
Ventriloquate Throw your voice into objects.
Review Be a critic and review the performance of others.
SixthGestalt Further develop your gestalts.
MaskShout Disguise your shout to sound like another.
Diplomat Speak softly to encourage forgiveness.
VoiceThrow Spook others by throwing your voice.
SeventhGestalt Further develop your gestalts.
FeignDeath Fool everyone around with an amazing death scene.

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