The training and honing of your willpower falls under the skill of Discipline. The primary benefit is increasing your rate of power renewal. There are also a handful of useful skills that are acquired that flow from the mastery of your will. Also, your willpower will regenerate faster the greater your skill in Discipline.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Clotting Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Insomnia Cause yourself to be unable to fall asleep.
Obliviousness Willfully ignore actions that don't affect you.
Curing Allow your instincts to maintain your vitals.
FocusConstruct Manipulate the aether to assist a construct or colossus!
Masochism Take your aggression out on yourself.
Satiation Enhance the value of what you eat.
Focus Target specific ailments with your cures.
Restoration Healing damaged limbs by force of will.
Metawake Cause yourself to quickly wake up automatically.
HeartStop Slay yourself by stopping your heart.
Breathing Controlling your breathing to avoid asphyxiation.
Selfishness Become too selfish to throw or give anything away.
Endurance Push through the pain by force of will.
DamageShift Shift wasted damage to fortify your next attack.
EnergyLink Drain your energy reserves to another.
PowerFocus Draw on your aetheric power to focus away afflictions.

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