Discernment is a selection of abilities related to your perception of the world around you. As you increase in this ability, you will be able to gather information about your state of health and those of others, take quick inventories of items you hold, and eventually even to sense power and illusions. Finally, the higher the discernment level, the greater the chance you can detect dramatic impersonations.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Nightsight Use infravision to see in the dark.
Wounds Examine the health of your body parts.
Search Search your location for hidden beings.
Itemlist Inspect your items and attire!
Diagnose Check up on your physical and mental health.
Recognition The ability to recognize people's shouted voices.
FirstAid Quickly focus yourself and attend to wounds.
Keylist See a list of your keys and which doors they open.
BodyScan Determine the state of your body's defences.
Deathsight Perceive tears in the fabric of life.
Assessing Ascertaining the health of a target.
Pipelist Take an inventory of your pipes at a glance.
FabricAppraisal Determine the quality and warmth of an article of clothing.
Thirdeye Give yourself the power of the third eye.
Potionlist Quickly discover what potions you are holding.
Audit Review the condition of your vital possessions.
Hexes See what hexes have been drawn even without the skill.
Illusions Pierce through any illusory terrain at a glance.
Magiclist Lists all your puissant magical items.
Scan Scan the local area for signs of life.
Contemplation Perceive the state of another's mental strength.
Analytics Keep the mind sharp with close observation of your surroundings.
Lipread The ability to understand what is said while deaf.
Tattoos Discern detailed information on another's tattoos.
Powersense Ascertain the power status and reserves of another.
Powermask Mask your actions that drain power from nexuses.
Appraise Quickly measure your foe's offensive capability.
Discerning Discern the state of another's energies.
Aethersight Sense disruptions in the aether.

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