AB Scroll Edit



Power: 10 (Master Ravenwood)

Though the cloak of crow feathers offers you the lesser form of Crow, you can directly be reborn into the greater form of Crow. The greater form grants all the abilities of the cloak except instead of the poison damage protection, you will gain 3/8 mana regen whilst on the ground that increases to 5/8 when in the trees or flying. You will also gain a 1/3 equilibrium recovery bonus that increases to 3/3 when in the trees or flying.

The eyepeck attack will only cost 1 power while in the greater form of Crow. Your movements while flying will become faster and the agility of Crow will make it harder to knock you from the air. Crow is the trickster, and as such his followers tend to be smarter than average. Your stomach is able to hold double the carrion as usual. You will also be able to devour choice organs of your prey, which will help recover your body and mind. Finally, you will gain the attack ability of SWOOP and the true CAW of crow.

True CAW increases the strength of CAW granted by the Totems skill. If targeted, it will drain the mana of the target instead of giving them fear.

Syntax: SWOOP <target>

Your victim must be on the ground and you must be perched in the trees above (unless you are Wyrdenwood, in which case your perspective must be the trees). You will swoop down, with a loud caw, and pull your victim up into the trees with you, raking him or her with your deadly talons. If your victim is below 1/4 mana the fear of Brother Crow will slay them instantly, otherwise they will be drained of mana as per the TRUECAW ability.


Power: 10 (Master Ravenwood)

Once a month, you may molt and recover a feather for your use.

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