The nature totem of Crow is available to some members of the Forest of Glomdoring, and is required for the Blacktalon druid guild. Crow grants its users the skills the Spirit is best known for, as well as granting them the ability to take on crowform itself at the highest level.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Crowtongue Speak in the language of Crow.
TotemCarve Carve trees into totem poles.
Cloak Create a cloak of crow feathers.
Perch Perch upon the branches and be still as death.
Bonding Bond with the commune's totem poles.
Birdseye See those on the ground from above.
Crowsfeet A ceremony that lets you see what is not there.
Squall Raise a squall upon the winds.
Crowsnest Build your nest at your bonded totem pole.
Spiderweb A ceremony to bond with the spider spirit.
Decoy Escape using Crow's clever trick of a decoy.
Regurgitate Nourish yourself on the carrion stored in your stomach.
Trickster Crow is the trickster and now so are you.
Scavenger Track and hunt your dying prey.
Bonenose A ceremony to strengthen your bones.
Hibernate You can enter a mystic state to commune with your nest.
NestReturn Return to the nest, my little darlings.
Eyepeck Peck out the eyes of your foes.
Deathmask A ceremony to capture the energies of death.
Spew The rancid perfume of your carrion will be your boon.
DarkRebirth Bind yourself with a dark spirit in a ritual rebirth.
Spy An eye for a spy is one of Crow's great gifts.
CarrionStench Spread the stench of carrion to your foes.
Disease Carry diseases within and spread them.
NestCall Temporarily summon your nest to new branches.
Crowform From the black egg, you shall be made anew.

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