Cosmic magic involves the manipulation of the fabric of creation itself. Requiring a study in High Magic to even begin its study, mastering the art will eventually lead to the ability to travel freely to the higher, cosmic planes. The specializations are highly associated with the nexus of power of the adept's city.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Cosmicfire Summon a blast of cosmic energy.
Window Seek out another in your mind's eye.
Waterwalk Walk upon the surface of water.
Fear Conjure up primal fear in the hearts of others.
Deathsight See ripples in the cosmos of life.
Enlarge Make a person grow.
SoulGuard Protect yourself against powerful maladies.
Web Bind someone with strands of the cosmos.
Sleep Put your enemy to sleep.
Cloak Resist attempts at magical summonings.
Farscout Identify the whereabouts of all enemies or allies.
Timeslip Slip through time to avoid being attacked.
Ceremonies Linking with the Cosmic planes fortifies the mind.
Nimbus Surround yourself with a nimbus of cosmic protection.
Quickening Increase the speed of your mind.
Gate Open up planar gates to or from the cosmic planes.
Master Move on to a master specialization.

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