The art of combat involves learning a variety of fighting stances and maneuvers. The stances generally focus upon protecting certain parts of your body when facing knights who have been trained to inflict critical wounds. While being in a stance that protects your head, for example, a sword or mace blow to the head could be lessened or even completely avoided. As your skill increases in combat, the number and effectiveness of your stances will increase.

Note: All stances below are only effective against monks and will be removed once monks are overhauled.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Squads Lead squads into combat.
Weaponprobe Examine the quality of armour and weapons.
Envenom Coat a weapon in poisons.
Legs A stance to protect the legs.
Left A stance to protect the left side.
Right A stance to protect the right side.
TrueShield Protect your body better with shields.
Arms A stance to protect the arms.
Queuing Prepare stance changes in advance.
ShieldParry Use shields to parry.
Gut A stance to protect the gut.
Distribution Evenly distribute loot to your squad.
Chest A stance to protect the chest.
WeaponParry Use weapons to parry.
Stratagem Plan your assault down to the last detail.
Head A stance to protect the head.
Lower A stance to protect the lower body.
KeenEye Observe use of venoms with your keen eye.
Disengage Escape the prying eye of a watchful knight.
Veteran Increased survivability as a veteran of many battles.
ShieldStun Stun people with a swing of your shield.
Middle A stance to protect the middle body.
Unity Do not leave behind anyone in your squad.
Upper A stance to protect the vital upper body.
Vitals A stance to protect the vital organs.
ShieldRiposte Respond to an attack with a swing of the shield.

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