AB Scroll Edit


Syntax:   PSI <channel> CHOKE <target> [HERE]

Channels: Superstratus

Damage Type:   100% Asphyxiation

Damage Source: Magical

By creating a telekinetic ring of force around the throat of an opponent, you can tighten it and choke them. This ability has a range that depends on your psionic skill, up to a maximum of 5 rooms away.

Specifying "Here" following the target will restrict the ability to only look for targets in the same room.

Notes / Messages Edit

Causes 2 seconds of Blackout and a minor amount of damage (400 or so).

Casting message:

You create a telekinetic ring of force around the throat of <target> and viciously make it contract.
Victim message:
You put a hand to your throat as an invisible force tightens around your neck and chokes you.

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