AB Scroll Edit



Lists the status of psionic channels. If off of normal equilibrium, you cannot use any channel; however, otherwise each of the three types of channels has a seperate recovery time from the other.

Substratus:   Lower thought waves (fastest channel).

Superstratus: Higher thought waves (slower channel).

Id:           Primitive thought waves (varies based on ego).

When using psionics you can abbreviate SUB for substratus and SUPER for superstratus.

CHANNELS will indicate the status of the specific channels, and whether they are locked or unlocked (some psionic skills will require a channel to be locked). If a locked channel is targeted on someone other than you, the range depends on your psionic skill. The maximum range is never more than 5 rooms away. If a channel is locked and you wish to unlock it: PSI <channel> UNLOCK

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