This specialisation of Knighthood concentrates on one-handed blunt weapons. As the name of the specialisation suggests, Bonecrushers train in breaking bones, sometimes crushing them to a pulp. The higher the skill, the more deadly and varied the effects.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Bonecrush Mastery of the one-handed bludgeoning weapons.
BlackEye Damage the skull with a strike to the eye.
KnockDown Send a person tumbling to the ground.
SlapKnuckle Knock loose someone's grip on items.
BreakLeg Damage an opponent's legs.
BreakArm Damage an opponent's arms.
Crush A stronger strike.
Wind Knock the breath from a target.
VomitBlood A nausea-inducing strike to the gut.
Warcry Bellow a furious roar to attract attention.
SnapSpine Inflict paralysis by breaking the spine.
Bludgeoner Tailor your attacks to leave more bruises.
CrushChest Cave in an opponent's chest.
Riposte Respond to a parry with a swift strike.
CrushWindpipe A devastating strike to the throat.
Tenderize Inflict extra damage by striking at bruises.
SmashChest Stun with a blow to the chest.
SmashLeg Cause additional bruising when hitting wounded legs.
HerniateLung Cause an enemy's lungs to collapse.
SmashSkull Knock the senses from your target.
BashBrain Shatter an opponent's skull.
Pulp Strike with overwhelming force.

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