This specialisation of Knighthood concentrates on one-handed bladed weapons. This bloody skill can not only sever arteries and tendons, but cut off parts of the opponent, like the ear or scalp. The higher the skill, the more deadly and varied the effects.

Ability Name Short Description
Blademastery Mastery of the one-handed sword weapons.
PierceArm Induce clumsiness by damaging the arm
PierceLeg A damaging strike to the leg.
PunctureChest Increased sensitivity to pain from a precision strike.
Disembowel Shred the innards of an enemy.
Lunge A forceful strike that bypasses defences.
SliceEar Disfigure your target, inspiring disloyalty.
Aggravate Smart striking to aggravate existing ailments.
Warcry Bellow a furious roar to attract attention.
Poisonist Strike precisely to increase the effectiveness of poisons.
CollapseNerve Prevent an opponent from fighting.
Coule Respond to a parry with a blow to the hands.
SlitThroat Slice open a target's neck.
Stab Deliver poisons deep into someone's body.
Intensify Increased effectiveness against afflicted opponents.
GashChest Slice open the midsection to cause paralysis.
SepticWound Sepsis will prevent a target from eating.
Remiss A strike delivering a delayed affliction.
RavageGut Severe damage to the internal organs.
LegTendon A mutilating slice to the back of the leg.
Eviscerate Spill the guts of an afflicted opponent.
Haymaker Strike with a flurry of blows

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