The ancient dracnari skill of Beastmastery allows the training and transformation of certain creatures, sometimes referred to as beasts, which can range from a simple horse to a great winged wyvern. By using certain alchemical reagents, beasts can be transformed to grow wings or taught to cast simple spells. Although you may have and train as many beasts as you like (and can afford the stable fees), you can only ever have one beast out at any one time.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Riding Train any beast to be your loyal mount.
Swimming Any beast can be trained to ford waters.
Balancing Beasts trained to balance will be harder to move.
Battle Prepare your beast for the rigours of battle.
Galloping Gallop at great speed upon a mounted beast.
Whistling Whistle to call your active beast to your side.
Armour Thicken the hide of a beast so it takes less damage.
Trader You can trade your beast, bestowing its loyalty to another.
Diving Explore the ocean depths courtesy of your loyal beast.
StableMaster Remove or house your beast from anywhere.
Regeneration Quicken your beast's metabolism to heighten regeneration.
Trotting Your beast is able to trot quickly across the land.
Aggressive Increase the damage of battle beasts.
Jumping Your beast can jump over obstacles blocking exits.
MinorBreath Transform your beast to breathe magical blasts.
Influencing With a well trained beast, influencing can be made easier.
AdvancedRiding You've learned advanced skills for riding a mount.
Flying With wings, your beast can take you to the clouds.
BeastEmpath Use your own energy to provide for your beasts.
Burrowing Train your beast to burrow deep into the ground.
Charging Brutally charge through anything in your path.
Gust Use your beast's wings to create powerful gusts of wind.
MajorBreath Major breath weapons fill an entire room.
Healing Channel your beast's healing energies into yourself.
Climbing Teach your beast to climb trees.
Blocking Train your beast to block exits.
Scaling Scale up to the mountain peaks and down again.
Chameleon Train your beast to be invisible from prying eyes.
Kicking Use your beast to kick an opponent.
Trampling Frenzy your steed to trample all prone in your location.
Focusing Allow your beasts natural healing energies to focus your cures.
Bodyguard Your loyal beast will attempt to protect you.
Poison Venom sacs allow your beast to spit poisons at your foes.
Spellcasting The most intelligent beasts can be trained to cast spells.
Beastmaster Claim one skill over which you have complete mastery.

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