This specialisation of Knighthood concentrates on two-handed axes. The two-handed axe is favored by dwarves and is similar to the specialisation of Pureblade. The chopping action of these massive axes is extremely fearsome. The higher the skill, the more deadly and varied the effects.

Ability Name Short Desc.
GreatAxe Mastery of the two-handed axe weapons.
SliceForehead Blind an opponent with blood in the eyes
SeverPhrenic Cut a nerve to increase pain sensitivity.
UpsetStomach Momentary nausea to leave an opponent unable to cure.
BreakArm Damage an opponent's arms.
Cleave Strike through shields into flesh in one stroke.
KnockDown Send a person tumbling to the ground.
Sweep A strong swing that bypasses many defences.
SlitThroat Slice open a target's neck.
GashChest Slice open the midsection to cause paralysis.
Warcry Bellow a furious roar to attract attention.
Disembowel Shred the innards of an enemy.
Berserker Barrel through parry attempts.
Chop Chop down the sacred trees of the nature communes.
HeftyAxe Use the weight of your axe against parrying.
LegTendon A mutilating slice to the back of the leg.
OpenCavity A damaging strike leaving sensitivity in its wake.
CriticalCondition A strike that grows more powerful against wounded opponents.
AmputateArm Render an arm utterly useless.
Hack Shatter the defenses around a target.
Behead A brutal strike to remove the head.
Execute Chop a body clean in half.

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