Athletics is the skill of training the body for raw physical endurance. Weight training, some aerobics and a rigorous workout regime will eventually gain a variety of skills that involve either brute strength or feats of endurance.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Weathering Immunity to normal weather.
Vitality An adrenaline rush to heal your body.
Breathe Prepares your body to reduce fatigue loss.
Sturdiness Standing firm against attempts to move you.
Fitness Increased resistance to the elements.
Headslam Stun your opponent with your hard head.
Intimidation Intimidates weaker opponents with your bulk.
Blocking Allows you to block specific directions.
Regeneration Regain health through strength of mind.
Resistance Affords your puissant body extra magical resistance.
Workout Maintain peak physical condition.
Tackle Roughly tackle an opponent into an adjacent room.
Sprinting To sprint rapidly in a given direction.
Barging Barging your opponents.
Constitution Maintaining your intestinal equilibrium.
Adrenaline Pumping adrenaline through your veins.
Hunger To force hunger and thirst upon yourself.
Doors You can now attempt to barge through doors.
Strength Increases the strength of your strikes.
Consciousness The ability to stay conscious at all times.
Transmute Instantly convert mana into health.
Boosting Increasing your rate of regeneration.
Charge Carry someone a great distance with a charge.
Numbness Delaying the effects of damage.
Immunity Immunity from most poisons.
Surge Improved transmutation at the cost of your mana.
Puissance Your next physical attack will be of great strength.

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