Most people have some artistic ability but it takes studying the fine arts to truly become proficient. Artists first learn to craft a variety of common every day items and then go on to learn how to mix tinctures. Eventually, they are ready to create paintings and sculptures, always in demand by enchanters who can enchant them. A most useful consequence of mastering this skill is the discerning eye of a trained artist, which can see small imperfections and flaws in illusions.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Papercraft Create paper from wood commodities.
YellowTint Mix a bright yellow tincture from herbs.
Woodcraft Carve basic wooden objects for everyday use.
Ironcraft Some basic iron working to create shovels and buckets.
RedTint Mix a crimson red tincture from herbs.
Runestones Carve blank runestones from marble.
Glasswork Fashion beautiful glasswork from gemstones.
Palette Mix a palette of bright tinctures for your paintings.
Sketching Create quick sketches of your subject for later use.
Canvas Create a canvas suitable for painting.
Landscapes Paint gorgeous landscapes.
BlueTint Mix a periwinkle blue tincture from herbs.
StillLife Paint beautiful still life subjects.
Exhibit Your paintings cannot be moved once placed on exhibit.
GreenTint Mix a forest green tincture from herbs.
Inscription Write dedications on painting frames.
MasterMixer Create two tints while mixing.
Portraits Paint portraits of others with great expertise.
Upkeep Maintain delicate artwork to withstand the test of time.
PurpleTint Mix a royal purple tincture from herbs.
Poses Paint two people who are posing together.
Statues Sculpt statues from marble to memorialise others.
GoldTint Mix a sunny gold tincture from pure gold.
Scenery Paint everything - the landscape, people, and poses.
Miniatures Sculpt blank miniatures into collectibles.
Destroy Destroy statues and paintings of substandard works.
Critique Your discerning eye can penetrate any artifice.

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