Only bards practiced in low magic, or those who have learned the nature skill may learn the alchemist's trade. Alchemy is the process of amalgamating certain herbs, and sometimes minerals, into a variety of highly useful potions and purgatives. Once you have acquired the necessary ingredients from an herbalist, you must find an alembic to use. First, ADD <ingredient> into the alembic and then AMALGAMATE <potion> to create the brew. It's always a good idea to FLUSH ALEMBIC after each working to make sure it is pristinely clean. You may create up to ten batches of any specific potion by adding the proportional number of ingredients. To remove finished potions from an alembic, you must have an empty vial in your inventory, then simply FILL VIAL. Upon mastering the Alchemy skillset, a bard may choose to learn Brewmeister, while members of guilds that teach the nature skill may choose to learn Lorecraft.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Salt Cast a protection circle with fortified salt.
Sulfur Break down magical shields with a handful of sulfur.
Liniment Soothe the skin with a specially prepared liniment.
Health The basic healing potion can be drunk or applied to wounds.
Bromide Soothe the ego by swallowing bromides.
Quicksilver Detoxify mercury and turn it into a potion of speed.
Mana Replenish your stores of mana with this basic potion.
Antidote The standard cure for deadly poisons.
Reagents Create the powerful reagents useful to beastmasters.
Mending Bones knit with this powerful salve.
Love For those who want to love or be loved.
Miniatures Invest your figurines with celerity.
Regeneration Grow back lost limbs -- a must-have!
RestorativeIce Soothing ice that restores physical health.
Allheale Can't drink often, but cures almost anything.
MoonWater Sweet healing water bathed in the light of Mother Moon.
LuciditySlush Cool slushy potion to cure mental maladies.
Master Move on to a master specialisation.

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