Aeromancy is the specialization of the element of air and may only be learned in Hallifax, for it draws its power from the Matrix. The element of air can move cloud formations and affect weather patterns, as well as being an element known for swift movement, which is evidenced by the cloud demesnes of Aeromancers.

Ability Name Short Desc.
Windwalk Walk upon the air like solid ground.
Tempest Summon a mighty wind upon your enemies.
Condensate Form clouds all around you.
Meld Merge your magics within the clouds of the land.
Influence Increase your sway over others in your demesne.
Whirlwind Blow your enemies away.
Centre Move to the centre of your demesne.
Thunderclouds Smite your enemies with storm lightning.
Squalls Create walls of wind.
Dissolve Easily remove an aura of protection around another.
Eastwind A piercing gust against your enemies.
Travel Teleport yourself to anyone in your demesne.
Blizzard Summon a blizzard to make navigation difficult.
Rainbowclouds Colourful, disorienting clouds.
Thunderbird Summon a thunderbird companion.
Twister Summon violent storms to toss the flying.
Swiftwind A fast wind speeds the mind and body.
Southwind A strange gust to confuse your enemies.
Staff Summon your elemental staff.
Westwind The mild western wind heals the body.
Tuning Tune the energies of your elemental staff.
Northwind Coils of cloud from the north will suffocate your foes.
Windstorm Cast the powers of the wind in one spell.
Miasma A noxious air that affects the mind.
Cyclone Unleash the awesome power of elemental air.

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